No more searching through transcripts and typing up notes. Get back to closing.

Automatically turn every one of your sales calls into detailed notes and structured data that syncs directly to your CRM.

Your calls speak for themselves.

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How it works

Use cutting edge AI to automatically update and populate your CRM directly from your sales calls.


Pilot doesn’t just record your calls, it understands them.

More than that, Pilot understands how much you would rather be out selling than updating your CRM. So, get back out there and sell - let Pilot handle the recordkeeping.



See what happened in every call captured in just a few sentences. Quickly get a context of the call as well as important points that were discussed.


Custom Fields (Datapoints)

Let Pilot fill out the custom field in your CRM by turning the sales conversation into data points. What is the customer's budget? Who is the decision maker? When are they looking to buy?

Q & A

Questions & Answers

Capture every question that your sales rep asked on the call. Capture every answer the prospect gave. Let your prospect talk, Pilot makes sure to write down just the important points.


Call Notes

Sometimes your prospect will share details that are important, even if you didn't ask! Pilot makes sure these are captured too.